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Whatever your construction needs, we can help with many other areas of your house

Office Kitchens & Porches, etc...
Total Home Exterior can help with remodels, inside and out. Whether it's a kitchenette for your office or raised porch for your backyard we can handle any size of job. Call us today at 405.324.1232 today for a no hassle consultation.

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Total Home Exterior

Add space for sitting areas, exercise areas and even playrooms with our Sun Rooms & Enclosures

Sun Rooms & Enclosures
Mark Krapff’s Total Home Exterior provides sunrooms and enclosures which are designed to increase living space by adding an existing room or enclosing an existing patio. Our enclosures feature fully insulated walls which generate heat in the cold months and air in the warm months.

We use
Ballews Aluminum Products

Protect yourself from the outside elements with our Patio Covers and Carports

Patio Covers
Patio covers increase living areas because it protects from the rain, sun or snow. Our patio covers increase the comfort of using your outdoor living space and we offer the following:
• Component patio covers
• Conventional roof tie-in patio covers
• Pergola patio covers


Carports are ideal for protecting your vehicle from the potentially harmful outside elements, including hail, sun, or rain. Purchasing a vehicle is an investment and carports allow you to preserve the quality and paint of your vehicle. Carports are also great for protecting people from potentially dangerous weather. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

We Use Ballews Aluminum Products

Beautify your home while reducing your energy cost and exterior maintenance with our Siding and Windows

Our siding and window products are a perfect way to update the exterior look of your home or business. Siding substitutes the need for exterior painting. For homes, siding beautifies your home and gives it a nice, clean look which increases the resale value. Siding for overhangs on brick homes completely eliminates exterior maintenance. Typically, siding is built as a lifetime product which shouldn’t need to be redone, but in the event that it does, you can take comfort in knowing that major brands of siding come with lifetime warranties.

Mastic  -  Norandex  -  Certainteed

Our window products are maintenance-free and energy efficient, which allows our customers to cut down on energy consumption while beautifying your home or business. Please call us to learn more!

We use all types of windows including vinyl and aluminum.

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